Licorice Tea: A Sweet Remedy Filled with Many Health Benefits

Commonly thought of as a flavoring in cooking or even as a sweet to be enjoyed after meals, licorice is a root that grows throughout the Mediterranean and Asia. Wild growing licorice plants are most frequently seen in the countries of Greece, Italy, Spain, China, Iraq, and Syria. It has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties as well as for its unique taste, and is currently becoming more fashionable in the Western world. Licorice tea is one way to enjoy both sides of the plant, getting a dose of the unique flavor as well as the health benefits. Licorice is sweet on its own and is one of the most popular flavors of herbal tea among young children who can also benefit from its consumption.

Gets Rid of Cold & Flu Symptoms

Drinking licorice tea is a great way to soothe sore throats and coughs that come along with the cold and flu. When you are sick, drinking this tea can lessen the frequency and urges to cough which can give a sore throat time to relax and heal. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of this tea also help to reduce swelling and can help detoxify the body of harmful bacteria as well. Drinking this tea also has effects of increasing energy which can help against the tired feelings that come along with sicknesses like the cold and flu.

Licorice Tea Aids Stomach Discomfort

This tasteful brew can also help with a variety of stomach ailments as well. Drinking licorice tea can be useful in relieving constipation, inflammation, and general aching in the stomach. It can also help by protecting the lining of the stomach. Drinking this tea is also useful because it can help aid the body with digestion as well.

Licorice Relieves Respiratory Ailments

Licorice tea is well known for its ability to work as an expectorant. It can help a worn throat relax and it works to loosen and break down mucus. By removing mucus from the respiratory tract, breathing becomes easier and the body can better heal itself from any respiratory ailments.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Licorice Tea

The tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, with a variety of different flavor components added to it. You can drink it on its own, or sweeten it further for a more intense licorice flavor. Many people choose to mix their licorice tea with green or white tea, as this can increase the health benefits by adding antioxidants to the regular mix.

However, for the pure flavor of plain licorice, you could look for teabags that don't have anything else added to them, and then try each cup with a different flavoring or sweetener just to see what your own personal preferences are. To help aid digestion and boost the immune system, it's recommended to drink at least two cups of the tea per day.

Some of the other documented benefits of licorice tea included a faster healing of ulcers in the stomach, arthritis relief, and headache reduction. It can also be useful in fighting boils and diarrhea or other intestinal problems, soothing a sore throat, and fighting dehydration. Some evidence now suggests that it may help the body fight off fevers and infections by increasing the production of interferon, a key component of the immune system that is necessary for speedy treatment and dispatch of viruses and bacteria that have taken hold in the body.

For those who wish to partake in the benefits that are offered by licorice tea, it is good to keep in mind that this tea is not safe to drink during pregnancy. Consult a physician prior to drinking licorice tea if you are currently on any medications or if you are breast feeding. Licorice tea can be found in most health food stores as well as for sale from various vendors online. When making online purchases we recommend that you choose reliable merchants that you can trust like Buddha Teas. Buddha Teas also ensures that all teas are organic and packaged safely in bleach-free tea bags so that you can enjoy your teas in their purest forms.

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